Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Positions Needed for Meets

Starter/Referee (1) Will need to be able to keep the meet pace moving; announces the current event; Calls for the upcoming events; Uses a whistle and bullhorn to make sure that the start is heard; Decides and calls false starts.

Head Timer (1) Gives instructions to the timers; Makes sure that timers are doing their job; Accounts for all timing equipment at the end of the meet; Starts 2 watches on every start and steps in when a timer has missed the start, and needs a time.

Timers (4 to 6 per team at minimum) Need a minimum of 2 per lane; Must know how to accurately start and stop the watch; Check the identity of swimmers behind the blocks and helps them get in their correct lane; Write times neatly and accurately on event sheet; Timers can often be recruited from spectators before the meet begins BUT should be trained.

Clerk of Course (1) Checks data in meet manager for accuracy and completeness; Uses the “clerk of course” handout to record numbers of swimmers in each event; Assists the coaches to make any necessary substitutions prior to start of swim meet. This job is more extensive for the Championship Meet, where the Clerk of Course actually will help to organize swimmers for upcoming heats.

Scorekeeper (2) Three scorekeepers are needed overall: at least one Scorekeeper is required from the visiting team in dual meets, and two from the home team; One uses the ‘event results sheet” to collate results from timing sheets; One from each team uses the completed event results sheet to input data into the meet manager system; relays score at the end of each group of events during the meet to the starter/referee to announce; verifies the results in meet manager at end of meet prior to announcement of final score.  After the meet, sends a copy of results via email to Registrar and Webmaster.

Awards Writer (2-3) Oversees the use of the label printer and places labels with the appropriate ribbons; Sorts the ribbons by team and gives the completed ribbons to respective coaches at the end of the meet.

Runner (1 or 2) Collects time cards and DQ slips after each heat and takes them to the first score-Keeper; May have another runner to collect DQslips from the Stroke and Turn judges at poolside and distribute to the coaches.

Stroke & Turn Judge (2 per team) Stands at poolside in predetermined jurisdiction to ensure that proper strokes and turns are used by swimmers according to GASSL     standards ; Must be trained and in uniform with ID badge visible.

Hospitality Person Brings cold water and snacks to the volunteers working the meet.

Bull-Pen Parent Assists the coaches in making sure that the younger children are where they need to be.

Total Volunteers to Run an efficient meet= 18-20

Please Note: GASSL volunteers are expected to conduct themselves professionally while carrying out volunteer duties. Volunteers will not be allowed to consume alcohol while carrying out volunteer responsibilities. The team representatives will be responsible for enforcement of this standard.